How and why

Update (April, 2011): We’ve changed our donate link to WePay (it works now - try it!):

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There are lots of ways you can contribute to Basekamp projects and the organization.

  • Projects can be supported by donating (or loaning) services, labor, materials, supplies, or equipment – or purchasing specific items (such as tickets for travel) that relate to a specific project. Financial contributions can also be made towards specific projects.
  • The Basekamp organization can be supported by contributing (services, equipment, etc) in the same ways mentioned above, but not restricted to a specific project. Supporters may specify non-project-specific areas to apply their contributions (such as the residency program, or the collaborative group research archive), or contributions can be left open for general Basekamp support.

Basekamp is now a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, making all donations tax deductable. Feel free to use us as a tax write-off! And support critical collaborative projects.

Additionally Basekamp can be supported through creative invitations to give presentations, workshops or exhibitions (stipends and honorariums), and through recommendations for small (or large!) grants, competitions and awards.

Please ask us us if you have any questions about how to help. Thanks for your efforts!

Donate link