Wider Circles - Copenhagen TV broadcast

Wider Circles - Copenhagen TV broadcast
October 17, 2006 (All day) - October 19, 2006 (All day)
Basekamp, Philadelphia & Channel 23 Copenhagen

Wider Circles – a programme series broadcasted at the artists run TV-station tv-tv.

17th – 19th of October 2006 (on Channel 23 / Kanal København)

Tuesday 17th: 23:00 – 01:00 CET
Wednesday 18th: 23:00 – 00:30 CET
Thursday 19th:23:00 – 01:00 CET

The programme series is thematically outlined by two interwoven subdivisions:

1. Collective and collaborative (art) production and (art/cultural) production as alternatives that may go beyond the disabling political quietism of ‘art market’ aesthetic.

2. The possibilities of more open forms of cultural practice, and of more direct participation of artists and other agents in the world.

Beyond the broadcast the programme series will function as a resource base for the initiated ‘Wider Circle Workshops’, tv-tv Copenhagen in spring, 2007 - that again will function as a ‘midway event’ and resource base for (parts of) the exhibition and convention ‘Plausible Artworlds’, Philadelphia 2007 (http://plausibleartworlds.org/) and hopefully for afterwards annual conventions too.

‘Wider Circle Workshops’ will be an event in itself - including exhibition/displays, workshops, collective ‘on the spot’ TV-productions and live TV-productions. All of these co-productions are focused at initiating a public dialogue and publicity of the overall theme of ‘open forms of cultural practice’, ‘collaborative art production’, and the ‘crisis of (art) critique’.

‘Wider Circle Workshop’s goal is as well to put together a group of relevant participants to identify, and shape an outlet for articulating a plausible future for collaborative’ (art) structures and economies - that can support the direct participation by artists and other agents in the world.