Organizational Art Summit

Organizational Art Summit
Organizational Art Summit
November 28, 2005 (All day)
Liseleje, Denmark

At ‘Organisational Art Summit’ 20 leading artists, practitioners and researchers meet to explore contemporary art projects where organisations and organisational issues are central themes in the art itself.


The ‘Organisational Art Summit’ takes place on 25-28 of November in Liseleje, Denmark. The research consortium ‘The Creative Alliance’ at Learning Lab Denmark and a group of contemporary artists have teamed up to organise this international summit for twenty leading artists, practitioners and researchers, on what tentatively is called ‘Organisational Art’. With this art form professional artists are currently creating an important new field that works together with non-artistic organisations - companies, institutions, governments, communities and NGOs - to produce art, which is characterised as conceptual, socially engaged, trans-discursive and contextual. With their art projects they aim to advance and challenge both art and organisational practices.



TIME: November 28, 2004; 10.30 to 1 p.m.

VENUE: Lisegaarden · Lisegaardsvej 10-12 · Liseleje · Denmark ·

At the symposium, you will meet the 20 participants and learn more about the summit findings. The results will be published in a ‘Thin Book’ shortly after the summit. Let us know by email if you plan to attend the symposium, it is free and aimed at artists, researchers, critics, practitioners and media.


· Martin Ferro-Thomsen · Assistant Project Manager · Learning Lab Denmark · · (+45) 3955 9939 · (+45) 2512 0570 (cell)
· Kent Hansen · Artist and Co-organiser · democratic innovation · · (+45) 3555 8335 - (+45) 2264 0168 (cell)


· Aladin, CEO alkhemi, strategist, social development practitioner, interdisciplinary artist, magician (UK) ( )
· Barbara Steveni, Cofounder and Director of O+I (formerly APG), Artist (UK) ( )
· Barnaby Drabble, Artist/Curator (UK/SW) ( )
· Carey Young, Artist (UK) ( )
· David Barry, Professor, The Creative Alliance / LLD (DK/US)
· Gavin Wade, Artist/Curator (UK)
· Henrik Schrat, Artist (DE) ( )
· Hilde Bollen, Consortium Coordinator, The Creative Alliance / LLD (DK/B)
· Karolin Timm-Wachter, Siemens Arts Program (DE)
· Kent Hansen, Artist, democratic innovation (DK) ( )
· Lise Autogena, Artist (UK/DK) ( )
· Lotte Darsø, Research Director, The Creative Alliance / LLD (DK)
· Martin Ferro-Thomsen, Assistant Project Manager, The Creative Alliance / LLD (DK)
· Teike Asselbergs, Artist, Orgacom (NE) ( )
· Tine Byrckel, Writer/Art critic, Information Newspaper (DK)
· Patrick Mathieu, Consultant (FR)
· Philippe Mairesse, Artist, Acces Local (FR) ( )
· Henrik Mayer, Artist, Reinigungsgesellschaft (DE) ( )
· Scott Rigby, Collaborative Artist and Co-Director of Basekamp (US) ( )
· Susanne Kandrup, Entrepreneur etc., The Creative Alliance / LLD (DK)


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