I Deal Opportunities

I Deal Opportunities
I Deal Opportunities
I Deal Opportunities
I Deal Opportunities
I Deal Opportunities
I Deal Opportunities
November 5, 2003 (All day) - December 14, 2003 (All day)
Chisenhale Gallery, London

I AM A CURATOR exhibition by
Per Hüttner

Celine Condorelli & Gavin Wade

Scott Rigby

I AM A CURATOR is an ambitious new project that empowers the viewer, giving Chisenhale Gallery’s visitors the chance to be a curator for one day.
Over the course of the project, prospective curators can book a one-day slot at Chisenhale, and each individual is then given the opportunity to curate their own exhibition during the course of the day.
Each curator will be able to use a card system to draw from 60 artworks housed in a specially constructed architectural environment inside the gallery. Here, there will be a large and diverse pool of work available to each curator: sculpture, video, sound works, painting, performance proposals, drawing, social intervention and action descriptions.
The result will be 30 shows, each being documented and presented on the Chisenhale website:

SUPPORT STRUCTURE is a project by Architect Celine Condorelli and Artist-Curator Gavin Wade. A mini architecture in itself, Support Structure aims to create a space which is continuously reinvented by its users and its context; Support Structure will house artefacts as well as activities and will aid reconsideration of existing spaces as an impulse for future change.
Support Structure will begin it’s life by defining and facilitating spatial organisation in relation to the I Am A Curator exhibition. Support Structure offers storage space for all the artwork in the exhibition, and provides an architectural environment for the public, the daily curators, the gallery staff and the artworks.
(Phase 2: The Economist Building, London, indoor/outdoor, February 2004.)
Supported by RSA Art for Architecture

I DEAL OPPORTUNITIES is a deck of oversized playing cards, designed by Artist Scott Rigby, which serves as the initial interface for interacting with the artwork; enabling daily curators and the public to build a plan for their variation of the exhibition elements.
Each card in the deck is a surrogate for one artwork within the exhibition. Borrowing from an early Eames’ card system, the I Deal Opportunities cards are slotted to fit easily together, so that visitors may build any structure they wish, using any number of artist combinations; This allows gallery visitors to temporarily adopt the role of the Curator/Dealer, and opens up infinite hypothetical arrangements and relationships between the artists in the exhibition.
A version of the I Deal Opportunities cards is also available on the Chisenhale Gallery website (under Preview of Work section). These can be downloaded and printed, so online viewers can curate their own exhibition at home.
You can create you own set by going directly to: