Potluck chat: Vagabondism Tuesday June 30th

June 30, 2009 - 6:00pm - 11:00pm
Potluck chat: Vagabondism Tuesday June 30th

Thank you to all of those that have participated in the Vagabondism class.
Our last meeting will entail a further look at available online resources, general evaluation of meetings and course material, and a brainstorming session on conceivable future travel projects connected to the course. And please join us at 6pm EST for the weekly potluck chat before class.

Potluck + Vagabondism Class:
Potluck 6-8pm EST
Class 9-11pm EST

Information regarding the class can be seen at


Vagabondism Class
Transience as a viable and sustainable creative action, historical models
and resources
Beginning May 26th, six meetings every Tuesday

At The Public School, Los Angeles and Basekamp, Philadelphia

or join us from anywhere on Skype. Connect to username BASEKAMP

Two groups will meet in person, one in Los Angeles and one in Philadelphia and we will connect via Skype with others joining remotely . There are two main goals set out for Vagabodism. One is to form a notable historical framework highlighting examples of vagabonding and/or transience during the last one hundred years. A few examples we will study include looking at modern peripatetic peoples, transient teens during the Great Depression, or the open-land experiment known as Morningstar during the 1960’s. The second goal is to highlight online resources and fellows peers’ personal travel accounts to aid in the organization of a travel experiement with fellow participants.

Join us every Tuesday night – in person, or on Skype, skypename: ‘basekamp’
If you come to the potluck in person, be sure to bring a dish :)
(basekamp space: 723 Chestnut St, 2nd floor, Philadelphia usa)