Potluck Chat: Elysa Lozano and Autonomous Organization

November 3, 2009 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Potluck Chat: Elysa Lozano and Autonomous Organization

Hello Everybody!

This week we are pleased to chat with Elysa Lozano who will be talking about Autonomous Organization and related projects, including the Socialist Colony project.

About the Socialist Colony project:
The project came about through a fictional history researched for Skydive Gallery.  According to this history, during the Texas Archive War a box of archives was lost that contained the register for the transfer of the land Skydive stands on.  According to Texas law, the property would then revert to the original deed, which allocates the land to anyone starting a socialist colony on the premises.  A decree was issued through the newly formed Skydive Office of Cultural Affairs to invite artists and designers to propose a way to transform the building into a socialist colony and thereby gain ownership.  This exhibition has attracted artists whose works will contribute a variety of perspectives on the fruitful paradoxes that reside in: the quest for individual freedom and the necessity for social contracts, and collective processes and their sometimes authoritarian implementation.

About Autonomous Organization:

Autonomous Organization is an art practice reconfigured as a Not For Profit Organization, whose projects are subject to the over sight of a Board of Directors. It is a device for fragmenting the authoritarian vision of the artist through a collective process, and aligning with and redefining what it means to work in the public interest.”

For more information on the organization, please visit www.autonomousorganization.org

Board Members include Helen Craggs, Clare Cumberlidge, Tom Dale, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Alex Lockett along with Elysa Lozano acting as Director.

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