Plausible Artworlds Q&A at ICA, Philadelphia

July 23, 2010 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Plausible Artworlds Q&A at ICA, Philadelphia

Hi again,

This Friday night - tomorrow - we’ll be turning our attention inward to focus on the Plausible Artworlds initiative, as part of the Summer Studio art school organized by artist Anthony Campuzano at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia.

It’s a different location and day of the week than our regular Tuesday night potlucks, but we’ll keep the same format: 6-8PM EST online by Skype and in-person, with food and drinks potluck-style, and just like the Tuesday events at Basekamp it’s free and open to the public.

We’re taking this opportunity to review - at a kind of halfway point - the last 29 weeks in a full year of 52 weekly Plausible Artworlds events in 2010. We assembled a rough and ready booklet - there will be a few printed copies at the ICA, and you can also download a PDF from the ICA’s website:

See you all then!

ICA, Philadelphia
118 S. 36th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104-3289

To join this week’s Potluck Chat online:

Download from if you don’t already have it

  • In Skype “Add a contact”: basekamp
  • Send a message when you want to join the chat, by selecting us from your list and clicking ‘Start chat’
  • We’ll add you to the text chat, and when everyone is ready we’ll start the conference call

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