The Map in a Territory

July 26, 2011 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
The Map in a Territory

Hi everyone,

Tonight we’ll all be talking with Claire Pentecost and Brian Holmes about their project, The Map in a Territory – along with their other invited guests – as we participate in person as part of the Drift session at Mildred’s Lane.

Do you live in a map or a territory? We all know about maps of a territory, but what about a map IN a territory? We will explore the dialectical vibration between representation and experience, map and non-map, site and non-site, not as opposites but as alternately understood simultaneities. The session will interrogate the scales of our existence: intimate, territorial, national, continental, and global –but we will focus on the intimate or face-to-face sphere and thereby build an understanding of the immediate territory We will engage a particular intention around bodies of water which breach conventional boundaries and are currently threatened by old and new technologies. We will invite various local people to lead us on walks of the area. Methods include walking, drifting, meeting, conversing, collecting, writing, drawing and mapping. At the same time we will be laying the imaginative phase for an actual cartographer’s shack at Mildred’s Lane. How should we design its structure, archive and interface?

Featured speakers, visiting artists, seminar leaders, field trips and other guests include:
Claire Pentecost, Brian Holmes, Brandon Ballengee, Basekamp (Scott Rigby and Greg Scranton), Judah Catalan, Critical Art Ensemble (Steve Kurtz and Lucia Sommer), Matthew Friday, Brandon Ballengée, Leif Hedendal, Athena Kokoronis, Silvia Kolbowski, Petra Lange-Burndt, Sarah Lewison, Abby Satinsky, Skydog Projects (Andrea Reynosa and Kevin Vertrees), Shannon Stratton, Diane Townsend, Peter Warny, and Mike Wolf.

At the Drift session, Basekamp is organizing two days of workshops on currently available methods for drifting, mapping, archiving – as well as charting courses for the overlapping desires and general trajectories of the groups & individuals involved.

Join us on Skype (skypename: ‘basekamp’) – or in person if you happen to be at Mildred’s Lane! We will not be meeting in Philly this week…

See you all then!

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Readings from the workshop:
A large collection of map related readings-

A smaller selection intended to spark discussion among participants at Mildred’s Lane-

The audio recording of the event can be found here: